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Cruella’s costume designer Jenny Beavan revisits the London fashion scene of the 70s [Interview]

Oh wow. And then, of course, that spectacular military outfit.

Oh yes.

I know Emma [Stone] talked about that and how crazy it was. Did you have to train her to move that? Because I remember doing plays and being trained to throw a dance loop, and all sorts of things like that.

We tried everything, including the garbage truck outfit on the stunt double, if there was one, or one from our own team. But I think this one, we did a lot of testing on it, because it had to be light enough for her to walk on the car, but heavy enough to nose down and land in the right place. My memory is that she only did it in the daytime, and did it for real because we tested it on… I can’t remember exactly who tested it.

It was probably a stuntman who did the tests. But everything was tested, and she was wearing Doc Marten boots, which are pretty good and sturdy, and not heels or anything. And the jacket. Oh, it was a work of art. Wonderful Jonathan Burniston [junior costume maker] did it and got completely carried away with the shoulder pads. I mean, it’s complete little towns on each shoulder. But that was all part of the fun. It’s almost my favorite.

It was amazing. Some of the costumes though aren’t quite as dramatic but still really stand out. Can you talk a bit about Anita Darling [Kirby Howell-Baptiste], Jasper [Joel Fry], and Horace [Paul Walter Hauser], and what kind of design?

Well, I loved Anita. I was in Los Angeles and… Was it Atlanta? No, we went to Atlanta to outfit Walter Hauser. I’ve found this amazing fabric store called Mood. And we just found stuff that looked like the 70s. And I had taken some real vintage stuff to try it out. And we knew she looked great in pantsuits, but we didn’t have anything that was right. And then we found these amazing fabrics that would just speak of the 70s. And so, they were all made in London for her. And then, of course, this kind of crazy big hair, which of course we all had, and anyone who’s Afro-Caribbean would have had in the ’70s. So that was just awesome. And she’s a lovely, lovely actress. So that was fun.

Jasper and Horace, if you sort of see them, and you know. And again, in Atlanta, we only got to see Paul at night. And we had been there since, I think, even the day before because I was coming from Los Angeles on my way back to London. And I said to the person helping us, local customer, I said, “Is there a store for people a little taller?” And we went to this place, and it was absolutely full of the most wonderful kind of ordinary Horace-y polo shirts, and dark greens and reds. Oh my god, that was brilliant. So we had a real hit there. And probably spent around $20. I mean, it was so cheap.

And actually a lot of that is in the movie, and I said, ‘Well, while we’re here, why not buy three? Why buy one when at this price we we could just get duplicates in case we needed them.” And actually, that fitting that night was so much fun. I have never met him before. He brought his sister, I think. And we ordered food and drink, and we just had a ball in this hotel room, and we used a lot of these clothes. And then Jasper was obviously the sharpest. And this kind of little squares… I can’t find the word, but there is a kind of coat in England that sportsmen wear. And it’s a little sharp and a little sassy. And I thought it just had to be Jasper in a way, because he really aspires to be the gentleman. Rather than Horace who aspires to be the thug and the thief. So yeah, I mean, they kind of found each other.

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French fashion

What will €199,000 buy in South Africa, France, Cyprus, Thailand and Limerick?


Located in the historic heart of the city, this three-bedroom house on Church Street in King’s Island is nestled next to King John’s Castle and a short walk from the city center. The property has a rear courtyard, a large garage and a terrace with stunning views of the chateau.
Price: €199,000

This Church Street home is a short walk from the town center and has stunning views of the castle


Situated with magnificent views of Table Mountain, this bright two-bedroom apartment is in a corner unit with two balconies, offering 100m² of outdoor living space. Only four years old, this property is located close to town and has 24 hour security.
Price: $221,360/€194,730

This Cape Town corner apartment has two balconies, offering 100m² of outdoor living space

This Cape Town property is close to town and has 24-hour security.


Although not large at 31m², this one bedroom apartment in a prime four star residence in the much sought after location of Les Menuires-Les Bruyères has the advantage of being ski in ski out. With 39 lifts and 62 runs, the resort, which hosted the 1992 Winter Olympics, is part of the largest ski area in the world.
Price: €200,000

Les Menuires is part of the largest ski area in the world

Les Menuires is part of the largest ski area in the world


Located on the waterfront, these two-bedroom apartments, some of which are still under construction, extend over 85 m² with a 46 m² terrace. Set in a complex with a large communal swimming pool and landscaped gardens, the development also has 24 three-bedroom houses and apartments.
Price: £179,950/€215,809

These two bedroom apartments in Bahceli have a large communal swimming pool and landscaped gardens

These two bedroom apartments in Bahceli have a large communal swimming pool and landscaped gardens


This one bedroom apartment is in a new low rise condominium project in the trendy Thonglor area. The architecture is said to be a balance between lifestyle, natural beauty, and Thai and Japanese arts. Covering 32m², facilities include a swimming pool, hot tub and rooftop facilities with 24-hour security.
Price: $232,816/€204,808

This Bangkok apartment offers a rooftop pool, hot tub and facilities with 24-hour security

This Bangkok apartment offers a rooftop pool, hot tub and facilities with 24-hour security

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Fashion brand

Pact, Parade Organics and more

— Recommendations are independently chosen by the editors of Reviewed. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission.

You’ve got your beautiful little bundle and you’re ready to dress them up in adorable clothes, but have you thought about what you’re going to dress them up in? Cotton is the most common fabric in baby clothes. It is breathable, washable and, unfortunately, filled with pesticides.

Accounting for almost 16% of all insecticides and 6.8% of all herbicides used worldwide, conventionally grown cotton is considered the dirtiest crop in the world. When you think of all the chemicals that cotton can be mixed with, it doesn’t seem like the best thing for dressing a baby. Fortunately, conventionally grown cotton isn’t the only choice. GOTS-certified organic cotton is pesticide-free and grown more sustainably overall.

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Fortunately, more and more companies are turning to organic cotton and textiles. If you think organic means more expensive, think again! Just because you’re buying clean, organic, sustainable products for your baby doesn’t mean you have to put their college fund on hold.

Here are some of our favorite brands that make sustainable, organic baby clothes, each at an affordable price.

1. Burt’s Bees

Organic baby clothes designed with comfort in mind.

Sizes: NB to older children

Favorite finds: Festive pajamas, onesies and crib sheets

You might know them best for their organic lip balms and skincare, but Burt’s Bees uses its clean, sustainable business model to make some of the softest, softest baby clothes around. In 2012, they founded their clothing company with the goal of making organic baby clothes and pesticide-free newborn staples. Recognized for GOTS certified organic baby essentials, these items meet the highest global standards for organic textiles. These are some of the most comfortable baby products you will find and all of their products get softer with age.

Shop Burt’s Bees Babies

2. Finn and Emma

These adorable onesies encourage moms.

Sizes: NB at 12 months

Favorite finds: Fancy jumpsuits and comfy baby booties

Finn & Emma beautifully combines style and durability with 100% organic cotton, non-toxic, eco-friendly and baby-friendly dyes and nickel-free snaps. We love their adorable graphic onesies that range from inspirational to affirming to just plain funny. They also have a nice range of baby gear, from play mats to wooden toys for a fully sustainable nursery.

Buy Finn & Emma

3. Organic Parry

Sleepwear in soft fabric your baby will love lounging in.

Sizes: NB at 18 months

Favorite finds: Kimono dresses and cute onesies

This Canadian-made brand is known for their playful prints and thoughtful construction, where each of their GOTS-certified pieces can be mixed and matched in colorful yet classic combinations.

These whimsically designed pieces are hand printed using AZO-free dyes. Made from GOTS certified organic cotton, their cozy sleepers feature two-way zippers and nickel-free snaps. Every piece made by this boutique brand is fair trade and produced in India, where growing organic cotton has been a tradition for over 4,000 years.

Parade Organics Shop

4. Primary

Primary's gender-neutral clothing is perfect for almost anyone.

Sizes: NB to older children

Favorite finds: First football socks and pajamas

The Organic Shop at Primary offers all the beautiful, saturated colors and gender-neutral prints you’ve come to love from this mother-owned company, but every piece in this line is made from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton.

Although this children’s clothing company has made a name for itself by creating simple and colorful clothes, it still pays close attention to fit and detail. These garments are sensitive to sensory sensitivity and thoughtful details go right down to the non-toxic paint on the zippers.

Shop the Primary Newborn Organic Range

5. Body

Boody offers a wide range of clothing and accessories that all moms will love.

Sizes: NB at 18 months

Favorite finds: Roomie pull-on pants and chiffon shawls

Boody’s baby clothes are a case study in subtly soft design, with soothing pastels and stripes for a perfectly mixable, matchable, transgender baby line. Made from viscose derived from organic bamboo, these affordable essentials are soft and simple and a great choice for keeping babies cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Be sure to check out their beanies as well as their stretch jersey and chiffon scarves, both perfect for snuggling and swaddling.


6. Pact

Rest assured that you are making the world a better place by buying eco-responsible clothing from Pact.

Sizes: NB to older children

Favorite finds: Graphic tees and sleepers

Pact is a brand that really goes the extra mile with its commitment to organic and sustainable practices. Using only ethically produced organic fabrics, they also pay attention to working conditions with the production line. All of their workers are paid fair wages and all of their baby clothes are made with non-toxic chemicals.

While we’re fans of their inexpensive baby onesies and sleepers, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention their comfy clothes for mom and dad as well.

Shop Pact

7. Colorful Organics

Where cute and colorful meet.

Sizes: NB at 18 months

Favorite finds: Colorful combo sets that mix and match

Colored Organics truly lives by its name creating beautiful, fun designs in many beautiful color options and prints. Created by a mother herself on a mission, this brand is committed to creating clothes that feel good, not just when worn, but at every stage of production. Each of these GOTS-certified cotton pieces is ethically made, sustainably produced, and gives back every month to various causes that help children in need.

Buy colorful organic products

8. Gerber

Adorable and ridiculously affordable.

Sizes: Premature at 9 months

Favorite finds: Colorful multi-packs

You know this iconic baby brand for its food, but did you also know that Gerber also makes baby clothes? With classic, understated designs in pastel hues of cornflower, rose, marigold and more, these classic basics will have you stocked up, without shelling out a ton of cash.

You’ll be surprised how many rompers and socks your baby wore during his first years. With 3-piece sets under $25 and terrific ongoing sales, this is the perfect place to fill your diaper bag with backups for the inevitable blowouts.

Buy Gerber Baby Organics

9. Monica and Andy

Developed by a mom who was looking for the perfect clothes for her baby.

Sizes: NB to the big child

Favorite finds: Out & About Romper and Tracksuit Sets

Born from the mind of a mom with a plan, Monica & Andy was founded when Monica Royer was at a loss when looking for clean products she felt good about dressing her newborn daughter in. Her search led her to start her own clothing company using only the most reliable fabrics and dyes available.

From head to toe, these baby clothes are carefully crafted using only the softest GOTS certified organic cotton. They’re also purposely designed for easy mixing and matching, plus easy on and off functionality for families on the go. We are also fans of their childcare essentials and gift sets.

It is one of the most expensive lines, but they have a lot of sales. Plus, their items don’t pill or shrink, so you get what you pay for.

Shop Monica and Andy

10. Hudson: Touched by nature

Humor and durability collide with these adorable onesies.

Sizes: NB at 18 months

Favorite finds: Funny onesies and bibs

One of the most affordable organic baby brands, Hudson Childrenswear’s Touched by Nature line is an inexpensive option for stocking up on baby essentials that will keep you ahead of the spit up and eruptions.

We’re fans of their affordable gift packs and gift sets that include 100% organic cotton bibs, hats, mittens, onesies and clothing for under $55.

Buy Hudson: Touched by Nature at Buybuy Baby

11. Cat and dogma

Cat & Dogma offers clothes that will suit your child at any age.

Sizes: NB at 18 months

Favorite finds: Stylish prints in saturated colors

Cat & Dogma is one of the most affordable organic brands around. It’s also one of the most comfortably stylish. Their about page talks about their love for the intentional life, including raising chickens and walking dogs, and you can definitely see that lifestyle ingrained in the design of their clothing, which is covered in prints that babies will love it. Made 100% GOTS certified, they are known for their bright, vibrant colors and bold prints.

A brand founded by parents, their mission is to live sustainably while creating a range of low impact products with a mission to give back.

Shop Cat & Dogma

12. Hanna Anderson

Hanna Andersson clothes are made to be passed on.

Sizes: NB to 3T

Favorite finds: Holiday and seasonal themed outfits

From holiday-themed pajamas to celebrate baby’s first Valentine’s Day, Easter and beyond, to adorable classic and seasonal sets, Hanna Andersson is a brand that shows how durable kids’ clothing can be. These are heirloom quality garments that are durable enough that you can count on them to survive until they are second-hand.

Fairtrade and made from 100% organic and OEKO-TEX certified cotton, these garments are breathable, casual and incredibly comfortable. They’re also carefully crafted with minimal seams and with cuffs designed to roll, so they can grow with your child for added longevity.

Hanna Andersson Store

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Prices were accurate at the time this article was published, but may change over time.

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Fashion style

Plan C Fall 2022 Ready-to-Wear Collection

Carolina Castiglioni doesn’t really like talking about references or giving hints about the inspirations and subtexts behind her collections. She bets on her own world and her own style; each season she returns to her favorite set of settings, repeating them with slight variations. At the very least, she’s rather reluctant to talk about anything other than her job.

For fall, she riffed on her repertoire of workwear-inspired outerwear, built on simple, spacious architectural forms brought to life by saturated color blocking, intarsia, patchwork and interplay between elements. feminine and masculine. The search for fabrics with a technical touch and an interesting surface texture is one of Castiglioni’s pleasures; this season she experimented with an unusual vertical-horizontal quilting pattern on technical taffeta for elongated, modular piumino puffers, as well as round-shaped macro sequins screen-printed with abstract flowers, reproducing the main print theme of the collection. Another example was a cotton/nylon blend with a translucent liquid effect and rubbery finish, transformed into a quilted trapeze coat in a bold shade of cobalt blue.

Contrasts are played out through the collection. Floral-print georgette dresses clashed with tailored, industrial-style coats; a patchwork sheepskin bomber had removable knitted sleeves. Custom-printed macro sequins adorned the hem of a felted shift skirt, while in their micro version they covered the front of a sleeveless black tunic. The offering was energized by Castiglioni’s favorite colors, bright shades of magenta, yellow and cobalt blue.

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Fashion designer

I dress for myself: Param Sahib Singh | fashion trends

Param Sahib Singh is okay with not being liked by everyone. The queer artist’s colorful illustrations defying oppressive gender norms infuriated many, but he wouldn’t cover up reality just to please others, he says. “I have been abused, attacked and threatened because of my works and my opinions on sexuality. All of this has only made me stronger. I am proud that I did not give in to bullying and to to have remained faithful to my work and my know-how”, declares the 30-year-old who stands out for his maximalist and uncompromising style.

Param’s art often reflects his own personal experiences. “It’s an honest sentiment put on canvas. That’s why people can relate to it on a larger scale. My art gives me the feeling of being myself without any inhibitions. That’s the thing with art. It’s always fearless,” he says.

Param is happy that although he has haters who cannot tolerate him, he has tremendous support online and offline from his friends, fans and those who work to protect the law. . “That’s why I don’t feel intimidated. As an artist, I am able to bring out the truth without saying too much. It doesn’t sit well with some, but the way it inspires others to believe in themselves is what keeps me going,” says the designer, whose contemporary and offbeat take on Indian outfits has made him a favorite with brides. new age looking designs. with an element of surprise. His vibrant designs are often interspersed with wearable art that makes them look fantastic and turn heads.

“I am able to give work to more than 40 families and I hope that we will continue to grow,” says the designer.

Not an easy trip

Finding his place and establishing himself as a designer was not easy, however. Param quit her BA in English (Honours) to pursue a career in fashion. After graduating from NIFT Bangalore, Param interned with fashion designer Manish Arora and later led his Indian design team. Param says the veteran designer and his business partner failed to settle his debts, tried to pull his stock from stores and slandered him endlessly when he decided to start his own brand.

“I worked with Arora for over four years as her right-hand man. Besides leading the Indian design team, I managed her internal public relations and helped establish her Indian fashion brand. I idolized her and the opportunity to work for him meant a lot to me. Everything was going well until I decided to leave the company and go freelance,” Param shares.

“Arora and her business partner Deepak Bhagwani have decided to make my life hell. They made sure I couldn’t store in any of the Indian market stores or websites. They did not clear my pending bills, profits and funds. They also said bad things about me everywhere. It was a lot to deal with, but I didn’t break up,” he says.

The first two and a half years of creating his eponymous label were extremely trying for Param. “It was difficult to survive. My mother sold her jewelry to help me make the first investments. But God had good plans for me. All I wanted was to keep going and keep my creative hunger alive and luckily I never stopped,” says Param.

He is grateful to God for what he accomplished today, he said. “I am able to give work to more than 40 families and I hope that we will continue to grow,” he says.

Finding optimism

From his own wardrobe to the clothes he designs to his works of art, Param selects the brightest and most cheerful colors. True to his “more is more” philosophy, he uninhibitedly and instinctively brings together multiple colors that clash to create stunning images.

Param’s shameless and bold use of color is inspired by his childhood memories. “I grew up surrounded by colors! As a child, I spent a lot of time in my village in Punjab, in my grandparents’ house, where we had so much vibrancy to soak up our culture and our clothes. We Punjabis have dopamine in our blood I guess,” the creator says.

Bright, bold colors are also a way for Param to rekindle optimism in a pandemic-stricken world. “Nothing says happy like colors. People feel happy when they wear bright, happy colors. Celebrating pop colors in clothes instantly lifts your spirits,” says Param.

Glamour, the perfect antidote to gloom

Pandemic fashion has the power to defeat despair and infuse us with hope, says Param, who thinks we’ll wholeheartedly celebrate the aesthetics of excess this year. “After what we’ve been through, maximalism is going to be a big trend. We will overcome the lethargy induced by the pandemic and we will have fun expressing ourselves by dressing in the most exuberant way, ”explains the creator.

To those who want to shamelessly express themselves through fashion and art but are afraid of societal backlash, Param says it’s time they listened to their hearts. “You would evoke all kinds of reactions and comments, but what would keep you going would be your instincts, your thirst to be your creative best self,” Param says.

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French fashion

Official closure of Nightshade gives way to a new French-Indian brasserie in the arts district

A new French and Indian-influenced brasserie called Camphor opens from two Alain Ducasse veterans inside the former Nightshade space next month. Max Boonthanakit, who received the award Young Gun Eater in 2019 (name which has been renamed new guard eater) while he was Nightshade’s pastry chef, and co-manager Lijo George, who both worked at Blue by Alain Ducasse in Bangkok, will open the new restaurant in mid-February with Cyrus Batchan, also owner lock and key in Koreatown.

This means Nightshade, which never officially reopened during the pandemic, is officially closed; Asked about the shutdown, former Nightshade leader Mei Lin declined to comment. The former LA Eater Restaurant of the Year, Best New Eater Restaurant and James Beard Award Foundation Best New Restaurant finalist never announced he would return despite a strenuous effort to stay open with takeout service in the first weeks of the pandemic. Over the past two years, with reopenings and closings, Nightshade has never hinted that it will return.

In its place is a “back to basics” style French restaurant inspired by Indian flavors thanks to George, who is originally from Kerala and worked under Ducasse in Bangkok for more than eight years. The two met at Michelin starred blue by Alain Ducasse, where Boonthanakit served as Executive Pastry Chef under Chef Wilfred Hocquet (interestingly, formerly of Georgia in Beverly Hills).

Boonthanakit and George plan to make French dishes with Indian ingredients, like a whole chicken breast with chicken thigh mousse and tandoori spices, or a hazelnut soufflé glazed with hot chocolate. The word the co-chefs keep insisting is that the fare will be “light,” a direct contrast to the typical presentation of rich, buttery French cuisine. Although other dishes have not been announced, expect plenty of vegetable and seafood options for dinner.

The interior look offers plenty of white, with Nightshade’s millennial pink hues giving way to lighter earth tones, marble, and periwinkle blue banquette seating. Otherwise, the space won’t get a drastic change in layout, with an open kitchen and inviting cocktail bar along the other side, with bar manager and beverage director Andrew Panigua whipping up cocktails. French Inhale.

As soon as it opens in mid-February, Camphor will serve from Wednesday to Monday from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m.

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Fashion brand

All signs point to a great year ahead of Aimé Leon Dore

Drop by for a coffee, huh?
Credit: Robert K. Chin/Alamy Stock Photo

This morning, LVMH Luxury Ventures, an investment arm of the French megaconglomerate that owns Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Marc Jacobs and Dior, announced an investment in Aimé Leon Dore, the New York-based menswear brand that has seen the success in recent years. . (Just try to enter his Mulberry Street store without waiting.)

Teddy Santis, the Queens-born Greek-American designer behind the label, is, unlike many of his press-hungry counterparts, a relative figure in the menswear landscape. Since the founding of Aimé Léon Doré (Love comes from the French word for to like; Leon was his father’s childhood nickname; and Dore=Theodore=Teddy) in 2014, following an initial nudge from Kith’s Ronnie Fieg, Santis built his line quickly but quietly with a handful of clear references, a few nods to preparation via hip- hop (Vintage Polo, Tommy Hilfiger), and a reluctance to explain too much. “I really don’t know anything about him,” a fellow designer told me. He’s given scattered interviews here and there, but the “About Me” section of ALD’s website only links to Nas’s. Illmatic for more information.”

Yet a cult has blossomed. Santis opened the store on Mulberry Street in 2019, and queues quickly followed, but if you have to wait outside, you can at least do it with Greek-influenced coffee knocked down and koulourakia. QG called it the best menswear store of 2021. Fellow designer Todd Snyder, one of the standard bearers of the latest prep revival at J.Crew and now the steward of his own eponymous brand, has told the magazine the previous year, “He built an empire right under our noses, and he did it his way.

When customers notice, the powers that be notice too. This year should be important for Santis and ALD. It will see the launch of a full new American-made line for New Balance, which Santis has partnered with on versions of its sneakers, including the 550 (“the sneaker that would define 2021,” according to QG) and, more recently, a 993; details so far are scarce, but New Balance says more are on the way. LVMH Luxury Ventures tends to favor companies with growth opportunities, but leaves them more freedom to work on their own terms; he also invested in Gabriela Hearst and footwear retailer Stadium Goods (since acquired by Farfetch). ALD will continue to operate independently in New York, reports Business of Fashion. And quietly too. Messages to ALD were not returned by press time.

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Fashion designer

Sébastien Jondeau tackles Athleisure design for Karl Lagerfeld

A fitness enthusiast and sports enthusiast since his teenage years, Sébastien Jondeau has always recoiled from the idea of ​​his clothes and other personal belongings getting mixed up with sneakers in his sports bag.

As the Karl Lagerfeld The brand’s newly appointed product consultant tackled the problem: a trapezoidal bag with a separate zippered compartment for sneakers is among 16 items in his first design effort, an athleisure capsule that’s part from the men’s pre-fall 2022 collection which hits stores in June.

No more WWD

The Karl Lagerfeld sports bag has a zipped compartment for sneakers.  - <a class=Credit: Courtesy of Karl Lagerfeld” src=”–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTk2MDtoPTk2MA–/–~B/aD01MDA7dz01MDA7YXBwaWQ9eXRhY2h5b24-/″/>

The Karl Lagerfeld sports bag has a zipped compartment for sneakers. – Credit: Courtesy of Karl Lagerfeld

Courtesy of Karl Lagerfeld

Burly Jondeau, a longtime ambassador for menswear brand Karl Lagerfeld, is also a major fashion icon, his wardrobe brimming with Tom Ford suits, Saint Laurent shirts and plenty of on-trend brands worn by his boss. very generous, died early 2019.

After spending 20 years working alongside the legendary German designer, as his bodyguard, confidant and personal secretary, Jondeau learned a lot about the fashion system, how to dress for various occasions and the creative process. He was particularly interested in the highly technical sketches Lagerfeld made alongside his dreamlike, hand-colored fashion illustrations for Chanel, Fendi and its eponymous brand.

“I really go into detail in my sketches,” said Jondeau, who also strives to marry aesthetics with utility in his designs. “When I think of clothes, of course I want them to look great, but they have to be functional at the same time.

“When I was a kid, I drew everything – cars, dogs, things around me, and my mother kept all my drawings,” he noted. “Whenever I have an idea, I can do a lot of sketches. I love doing it.

A look from the Rue St. Guillaume Menswear Athleisure line.  - Credit: Courtesy of Karl Lagerfeld

A look from the Rue St. Guillaume Menswear Athleisure line. – Credit: Courtesy of Karl Lagerfeld

Courtesy of Karl Lagerfeld

In an exclusive interview about his nomination, Jondeau marveled at his good fortune, having worked his way from a tough upbringing to working for one of the world’s biggest fashion designers – and now perpetuating his legacy as a member of the Karl Lagerfeld design team.

According to the company, Jondeau provided “significant creative input throughout the design and development phases” of the first athleisure capsule, which will sell for 100 euros to 250 euros.

“I think Karl would be very proud of me,” he said in a video call from Milan, where he contributes to the creative team at Fendi on sports clothing and accessories.

Sportswear and sports leisure will also be at the center of his concerns at Karl Lagerfeld, which is second nature to him.

“The only sports I don’t play are tennis and golf,” said Jondeau, who enjoys boxing, kite surfing, foil boarding, jet skiing, mountain biking, motocross and all kinds of other sports. workouts and extreme sports. “My first approach to fashion was that of athletics.”

His first capsule, dubbed the Rue St. Guillaume Menswear Athleisure collection, nods to boxing, running and cycling, he said, though windbreakers, jogging pants and the sweatshirts are stylish enough to be worn on any casual and sweat-free occasion.

There’s also a two-tone parka that can be zipped up to create a shorter, bomber-like jacket. “I love multi-purpose and transformable clothing,” Jondeau said. “I’m always looking for ways to look different with the same clothes.”

This Karl Lagerfeld quilted coat can be worn in two lengths.  - Credit: Courtesy of Karl Lagerfeld

This Karl Lagerfeld quilted coat can be worn in two lengths. – Credit: Courtesy of Karl Lagerfeld

Courtesy of Karl Lagerfeld

The collection also includes sweatshirts, t-shirts, hoodies and shorts with a hidden zip pocket to store small essentials while exercising.

Asked about his design methods, as he had no formal training, Jondeau said he collaborated with Karl Lagerfeld’s teams in Amsterdam, led by design director Hun Kim, contributing sketches, helping to fabric selection and color choices, and advising on graphics. The latter includes a more active iteration of the Rue Saint-Guillaume logo that references the address of Karl Lagerfeld’s Paris headquarters.

According to Kim, “Sebastien brings a very personal and valuable creative contribution to the new collection, offering ideas that showcase his extensive background as an athletic-minded person, combined with his genuine love of fashion.”

Jondeau is certainly not a fan of “over-thought-out” modes or superfluous details, appreciating portability and thoughtful features. He noted that many designer brands offer sports collections, but not all of them are functional.

In line with the company’s sustainability ambitions, approximately two-thirds of the fabrics used for the athleisure capsule are organic or low-impact, the brand noted.

Jondeau will focus on Karl Lagerfeld menswear, but he noted that some styles, like anoraks, are gender neutral. “I used to do a lot of sports with girls. I know how they use the clothes and I know what they like to look like,” he said.

Jondeau must continue his role as brand ambassador and is honored to do so. “It continues the family story,” he said.

He began modeling for Karl Lagerfeld’s menswear in 2005, with Lagerfeld shooting the campaign images. His first attempt in the field of design dates back to 2018 when he unveiled the Karl Lagerfeld Curated by Sébastien Jondeau collection at the Pitti Uomo show.


Karl Lagerfeld was a “warrior” in the face of the disease

Sébastien Jondeau: from bodyguard to model

Sébastien Jondeau returns to Pitti Uomo for Karl Lagerfeld

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Novak Djokovic could now only be limited to playing Grand Slams at Wimbledon

Wimbledon is starting to look like Novak Djokovic’s ONLY Grand Slam hope in 2022, with US Open set to follow Roland Garros in banning unvaccinated players

  • Novak Djokovic was unable to obtain an exemption to participate in the Australian Open
  • The world No. 1 could now face similar difficulties at the French Open and the US Open
  • Wimbledon could turn out to be the only Grand Slam the Serbian can play in

Wimbledon is starting to look like Novak Djokovic’s last refuge after the French government suggested he would be kicked out of Roland Garros.

The Sports Ministry in Paris said hardcore elite athletes would not be exempt from needing a vaccination pass to attend Roland Garros in May and other sporting events in the country.

If that holds, it further narrows the options for the world No. 1, 34, who also risks being left out of the United States. Spring events in Indian Wells and Miami should make the shot mandatory, and the US Open would likely follow.

Wimbledon may now be the only Grand Slam where Novak Djokovic can add to his 20 titles

Djokovic could face problems at the French Open and the US Open, which, like the Australian Open, are considering preventing athletes from competing without being bitten against Covid

Djokovic could face problems at the French Open and the US Open, which, like the Australian Open, are considering preventing athletes from competing without being bitten against Covid

Wimbledon could therefore become Djokovic’s only chance to add 20 points to his Grand Slam tally. The All England Club said it was too early to take a position and would adhere to government policy. It also raises the possibility of Djokovic playing at Queen’s this summer.

Djokovic returned to Belgrade on Monday and, worryingly for him, his clothing sponsor Lacoste said they would talk to him.

“We will be in contact with Novak to review the events that accompanied his presence in Australia,” a statement read.


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Fashion brand

Production Coordinator – Pedestrian Jobs

We are currently seeking applications for a production coordinator position. This is a career opportunity for a highly motivated individual to join our growing team, located in our Sydney warehouse and studio in Alexandria, Sydney.

The successful candidate will have at least 2 years of experience working within a high-end/fashion brand (or other relevant experience) in a production-based role, demonstrating a passion and strong understanding of fashion.

This is a fast-paced position that will reward the successful candidate with the opportunity to grow within the company.

Main responsibilities

  • Work closely with the Production Manager to ensure seasonal deadlines are met
  • Assist in the approval of production fabrics, linings and trims against the design department’s set of standards
  • Help update and maintain seasonal production department trackers and storyboards for weekly team WIP meetings
  • Liaise with freight forwarders/logistics for all incoming bulk fabric and trim orders
  • Receive, cross check and file all production invoices for payment
  • Receive and review supplier invoices against purchase orders and liaise with the Production Manager to resolve any discrepancies
  • Liaise effectively and proactively with suppliers on a daily basis and always demonstrate commercial acumen and professionalism
  • Provide hands-on support to production team and manager on production requirements, including quality control processes
  • Work alongside the Production Manager and Director to develop objectives in relation to production processes
  • Work with suppliers to resolve any production or quality issues during the production process under the direction of the Production Manager
  • Assist with the management of seasonal fabrics, including tracking stock levels for orders and recuts
  • Assist with increasing trim orders and packaging trims for production orders for ready-to-wear and swimwear
  • Garment deliveries and collections from local production partners as needed
  • Ad hoc tasks as requested by management

Main attributes/requirements

  • Strong work ethic and enthusiasm to help in any areas required
  • Understanding of pattern making and strong knowledge of RTW garment construction and fabrication
  • Positive attitude
  • Extremely organized with great accuracy and attention to detail
  • Highly focused to ensure accuracy and minimize errors
  • Foresight to see where help is needed and offer to step in and help
  • Ability to meet deadlines and work in a fast-paced environment
  • Effective time management skills and ability to multi-task and work under pressure
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to build and maintain strong relationships with internal and external suppliers and stakeholders
  • Disciplined and able to work independently and work well with internal teams
  • Strong team spirit
  • A willingness to learn and apply to any situation
  • Strong belief in sustainable and ethical business practices with the conviction and desire to ensure this filters into all areas of the business
  • Longer hours will be required during busier times
  • Ability to anticipate problems and threats, ability to take initiative in problem solving
  • Strong computer skills with the ability to learn various internal software systems as well as Excel, Word, Google Drive
  • Physically fit and strong to move and lift boxes in the warehouse
  • Valid Australian driver’s license and a reliable car


  • Strong career progression opportunities available
  • New office with state-of-the-art features in the center of Alexandria
  • Generous clothing allowance and ongoing discounts
  • Supportive and fun team culture

Please submit all applications to [email protected]

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