Financing for the self-employed

Financing for the self-employed

Money is not everything, but without money everything is nothing. A clever sentence and unfortunately too true. Many small entrepreneurs, founders and startups make this experience everyday. Most mid-sized companies have significant cash flow challenges to overcome. There is often a lack of capital to finance just short bottlenecks between. In this case, Merim financing is of enormous importance if, for example, the payment behavior of their own customers leaves something to be desired or goods have to be purchased, but the debit card bookings have not yet been received. Medium-sized companies in particular need maximum flexibility and scope in the financial area for Merim financing.

Merim financing for the self-employed

Interim financing for the self-employed

Often it is not in the daily struggle for survival in the market to organize large sums for investment. The need for bridging finance for the self-employed is usually only in a narrow window and relatively small amounts.

The complex credit procedures and the very reserved handling of banks for loan inquiries of self-employed make it even more difficult for medium-sized companies to secure their financial flexibility. And why bind yourself for three years to a loan in an amount that you do not even need, you just want to master an order bridging? Here is: Better the sparrow in his hand than the pigeon on the roof.

BankFit offers Merim financing for founders

BankFit offers interim financing for founders

If you tie yourself up to your bank or supplier for Merim financing, this dependency can greatly reduce the scope for entrepreneurial activity.

For example, BankFit offers Merim financing for founders, allowing them to borrow only what they need and only for as long as they need it. This is still new in Germany and offers fantastic opportunities to finance between flexible without having to tie up long. Because that’s what matters when, as a founder, startup or self-employed person, you do not want to jeopardize your room for maneuver with a credit burden.

The modern Merim financing for freelancers, how does that work?

The modern interim financing for freelancers, how does that work?

You simply set the amount and the term of the loan at BankFit, and you will see all the costs and the sum to be repaid. There are no initial costs, there are no hidden costs.

If you are in a hurry, you can book the express option, which means that your application is preferred and processed very quickly and is paid out express. Usually you have the money the next day.

Do you need more than the regular 30-day credit period at BankFit? Just book the 2-rate option and extend your life to up to 60 days.

In order to prove your creditworthiness, it only needs a market stability of your company for at least one year and a proven annual turnover of at least 50,000 euros.

For what long terms?

For what long terms?

Merim financing from BankFit for the self-employed will give you financial flexibility and gain your lead in the market. Simply fast Merim financing with BankFit for the self-employed and freelancers. Only 30 days loan term and again free!

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